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Concession Machine Repair

Never be overcharged for substandard work again - let EMR Concessions, LLC provide quality service for $80 an hour (minimum 1 hour of labor) and a $80 travel charge.


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Discover Quality Work

At EMR Concessions, LLC we have the largest selection of major parts for concession stands on the West Coast to get your machine and business up and running as soon as possible.  We guarantee all of our work for 30 days and provide all repairs at your business site. In addition, we service the following machines from Gold Medal®, Cretors®, Hatco®, Star®, Server Products®, and RoundUp®:


• Popcorn Poppers

• Popcorn Staging Cabinets

• Popcorn Butter Dispensers

• Nacho Cheese Warmers and Dispensers

• Pizza Warmers and Pretzel Warmers

• Nacho Cheese Warmers and Dispensers

• Condiment Dispensers

• Cotton Candy Machines


Popcorn, Popcorn Machines in Highland, CA

High-Speed Oven Repair

In addition, we provide maintenance and repairs on TurboChef® high-speed ovens.



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